Anand Devarakonda New Movie Highway On aha

Anand Devarakonda New Movie Highway On aha

Anand Devarekonda is one of the brightest stars in the Telugu movie industry, and if you are a fan of his, you must watch Highway. Highway, directed by KV Guhan, is one of the latest Telugu thriller movies, which is also considered by many as one of the best South Indian movies to watch.

If you like to watch thriller movies, you cannot miss this movie where Anand Devarekonda plays the lead role. You can watch the movie named ‘Highway’ anytime you want on aha, one of the largest Telugu OTT platforms. In this guide, you will learn more about the movie named Highway.

Highway the Movie

Highway is a 2022 movie directed by KV Guhan and is a thriller movie starring Anand Deverakonda, Abhishek Banerjee, Manasa Radhakrishnan and Saiyami Kher. The producer is Venkat Talari, and the music director is Simon K king. This is a film that was directly released on the OTT platform named aha for viewers to see.

The best thing about the Telugu movie is the story and the actors who are chosen to play the role. Anand Deverakonda is an excellent choice for the protagonist, whereas Abhishek Banerjee plays the role of the psychopath killer beautifully.

The Story

The story of Highway, one of the best South Indian movies, is something that a lot of people will like. In this movie, you see D alias Das (Abhishek Banerjee), a psychopath killer who has killed around five women in the city of Hyderabad. Police are trying to solve the mystery, but the case is difficult as the killer has no motive behind the murders. Asha Bharath (Saiyami Kher) is in charge of the investigation process.

On another side of the movie, you get to see Vishnu (Anand Deverakonda), a good photographer by profession who comes to Bangalore for his job. You will also come across Tulasi (Manasa Radhakrishnan), who lives with her widowed mother and works on a poultry farm. As the boss looks to assault Tulasi sexually, she escapes and meets Vishnu. In the meantime, Das also leaves the city and has the police searching for him. Watch the movie to know if the police are successful in the investigation and how Vishnu and Tulasi cross paths with Das.

What is Good in This Movie?

The most important thing that the audience will love about this movie is the story and the suspense it brings. Abhishek Banerjee plays an excellent movie as main antagonist in the film, and he looks like a legitimate psycho killer. The supporting characters also do their roles quite well in this movie, and the characters are such that everyone can connect with them. This is definitely a movie that the top movie experts will recommend watching.

Catch the Latest Telugu Movies on aha

To watch the Highway Telugu movie, subscribe to aha’s OTT platform. You can watch the latest Telugu movies, including Highway, with your friends and family from a device of your choice on aha.

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